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reviewed by Janelle Alex, Ph.D. for Readers' Favorite

Have you ever thought about doing one of those crazy popular escape rooms? They are popping up everywhere, but they can leave you super frustrated. However, they are also pretty addictive. If you want to make it out "alive" and unlock the door to win, you should get a copy of Sandra Keehn and Tony Duckett's book, School of Hard Locks Study Guide to Escape Rooms. They walk readers through a number of helpful pieces that they probably wouldn't think of otherwise. They help readers answer the question of why they want to do the escape room in the first place. Plus, they help readers figure out who would be the best person or group of people to take along for the experience. Keehn and Duckett also walk readers through how to approach the room from the first look to organizing how to work together to solve those first clues. They encourage team mates to "communicate or die." School of Hard Locks Study Guide to Escape Rooms doesn't leave readers stuck with just, "Hey, talk it out." Nope, there is a good deal of advice throughout the entire study guide.

Well-written and well organized, Sandra Keehn and Tony Duckett's School of Hard Locks Study Guide to Escape Rooms offers solid advice that helps readers successfully get through their first or next escape room. From the numerous types of combination locks to various different kinds of puzzles, readers can discover them and be far better prepared for them in this study guide. If readers go through the School of Hard Locks Study Guide to Escape Rooms, they will be far more prepared to enter and get "locked in" an escape room with family, friends or even strangers.

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