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Forty miles from Broadway, Sandra Keehn grew up in Rockaway, New Jersey, and has had a lifetime love affair with live theater, together with a hard head for facts, figures, stats, and business.  She combined these two passions with a Theater Management degree from Cornell University.

For the last two and a half decades, Sandra has blazed a career in management consulting and leadership education as a business consultant to Major League sports teams, major retailers and human resource organizations across North America.  As the President of GEO Advisors Consulting she has marshaled a diverse toolkit of cutting edge techniques  to hone the effectiveness of both managers and their teams.    From her  unique background in sport and theatre  Sandra is able to harness  the escape room as a way to observe and boost group dynamics in a neutral setting.   In 2015, SoHL was launched to provide  today's  business  environment of uncertainty, competition and impending deadlines with a positive space to spur productivity and team building.

Sandra has been an enthusiast of logic puzzles and Sudoku for over two decades. Which in turn explains her cool focus in the face of hectic timelines, demanding schedules, and grueling Escape Rooms.


Tony Duckett has been a leader and team builder all his life! From his childhood in Brooklyn, to the classroom, to his time playing professional basketball, Tony has always been driven to succeed.

At a very early age, Tony learned that no one is successful on their own. Success is always the result of multiple people working together and driving for a common goal. It was true as he played sports in the park and on AAU team; it was true in the classroom, where group studying elevated the achievement of the entire class; and it was definitely true in the game of basketball where it was the strength of the team that defines success.

Over the last 30 years Tony has harnessed the learnings of his youth to drive corporations to reach new heights. By bridging the gap between disparate departments within a corporation, he has been able to help companies experience unparalleled effectiveness and efficiencies internally, which translates into better service delivery to their customers and helps grow their customer base.

At the core of this success is the concept of team. So, the concepts you learn at the School of Hard Locks and the teamwork lessons in our books come naturally to him. He not only talks about these concepts. He lives them.

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